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AI: A Powerful Tool to Accelerate and Enhance Concept Art

At Alt-Studio, we believe that AI is revolutionizing the creation of visual content for the luxury industry.
As a video and print production company, we are constantly looking for new technologies to enhance our clients’ concepts.

Ever more faithful to our “Art of Fusion” motto, we wanted the Big Bang e to unite Hublot’s highly advanced technical materials with
the very latest innovations from today’s digital world.


An immersive exploration of the key ingredients of Davidoff fragrances, illustrating its strength and freshness.

Bringing Dogami’s world to Life: A Creative Journey
To capture the vibrant and playful essence of Dogami, We embarked on a creative journey to craft a series of Key Visuals that transport players into this world of wonder.

Dogami shot for Gap in a studio

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Travaillons ensemble !
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